Dr Anastacia Ryan

Anastacia is a researcher, advocate and social entrepreneur in promoting the rights of marginalised and often criminalised communities globally. A passionate belief in the transformative potential of leadership amongst marginalized groups led Anastacia to establish the nationwide sex worker-led project Umbrella Lane, which is now part of a larger project Anastacia founded – SISU, which empowers women and girls to build resilience through adversity and trauma. Continue reading “Dr Anastacia Ryan”

Judith Aldridge

Judith Aldridge is Professor of Criminology in the School of Law at the University of Manchester. Her research is focused on drug markets, policy and use. Over the last five years she has pioneered research in the area of ‘virtual drug markets’, culminating in the first publication connected to drug sales on ‘Silk Road’, and 20 other publications on cryptomarkets. Continue reading “Judith Aldridge”

Aidan Halpin

He is in long term recovery and works as a Probation Officer with 30 years’ experience, currently in the Court setting. Passionate about justice and public protection as well as individual dramas and structural inequalities, he is convinced by personal and professional experience and research that the war on drugs is lost; that our societies and communities have appetites for drug use that will not disappear or diminish because of prohibition or punitive legislation. Continue reading “Aidan Halpin”