Scottish Parliament: Recovering Justice Peaceful Solutions

This is a session filmed in the Scottish Parliament which brings together international speakers to discuss drugs policy. This is a session of the Drugs Reform Policy Meeting held at the Scottish Parliament 12th December 2018.  Chaired by Pauline McNeill MSP, it brought together Fiona Gilbertson, Nanna Gotfredsen, Ina Roll Spinnangr, and Martin Powell to discuss international comparisons in drug policy with a view to examining the changes which need to take place in Scotland. Continue reading “Scottish Parliament: Recovering Justice Peaceful Solutions”

I am ashamed I arrested drug users who needed help

Suzanne became a police officer because she wanted to make our communities a better place. Watch the video below to see why her experience led her to believe that our current drug laws do more harm than good, and do not keep anyone safe. She says: Continue reading “I am ashamed I arrested drug users who needed help”

Suzanne Sharkey – It Was Never About the Drugs

As a serving police officer enforcing drug laws, did I make a difference? As a person in long term recovery does it matter? The drug laws were supposed to eliminate the supply and demand, creating a safer drug free world. How has the police force adapted in the past 50 years, what has actually happened and what can we do about it? Continue reading “Suzanne Sharkey – It Was Never About the Drugs”